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Tropichu! [OTOME]
↳ status: current project BETA Release End Febuary

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Memento Karotte
Caramel Beach
Heroine Material

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oh my god you're gonna make an otome game ?


Aah, I’m actually doing several different game projects, all 4 of them have a girl persues boy feature, and some girl persues guy feature. 1 is a straight up otome game (Dalliance) , another is an RPG type game (Memento Karotte) and the last two are dating sims (Caramel Beach and Untitled).

There are all at different stages of production at the moment, ranging from most playable to not> Caramel Beach, Dalliance, Memento Karotte, Untitled. The last BGs are for Untitled.

Untitled is supposed to have a lot of options on the main character front and on the activities front, with raising stats like: creativity, cooking, science, business, sports, ect. You will also be able to try out different jobs to earn money to spend everywhere. You also have to figure out how to keep yourself happy and healthy.

The game spans over 4 years, with you attending college or working. During these years you can meet several people including 4 guys; a student, a businessman, a doctor and a librarian.




Stat raising games are my guilty pleasure, and this project is basically just me messing about with a more simplistic style for everything.

The goal is to make the custom MC work, complete with shopping and everything, making a lot of backgrounds in short time frames and doing some graphic design in the logo’s of all the locations.